101 Loves

I don’t know how to start these anymore… it’s been so long! What’s new with me? Well, I’m trying not to count the time I’ve been back home, but it’s been almost four months. I’ve got a few upcoming trips planned that I’m super stoked about! I’m back in school now. Just taking a few courses that will go towards my bachelors. I’m actually taking a writing course which I figured would be good for me, seeing as I haven’t wanted to write in a long time. One of our assignments was to write about 100 things we love. For some reason I knew I just had to put this up on the blog. In the months that I’ve been home it’s been really hard trying to rediscover all the things I once loved about this place. And well, about life in general. I think I lost touch with a lot of things that I use to enjoy and love, and this was exactly what I needed to get back into writing. So, without further ado, 100 things I love. Continue reading “101 Loves”

A New Chapter

So, I wasn’t going to post this initially, but I feel like it’s something I’ve really wanted to get off my chest, so here goes…

Hello, hello! I feel like I have a million things to say, but I don’t really know how to put them into words. The past couple months have been quite a rollercoaster, and I feel like I’m finally in a place where I want to start blogging again.  Continue reading “A New Chapter”

August Recap

How am I doing an August recap right now? How is September starting this week? How have I been here for almost nine months? HOW, HOW, HOW?! I can’t even believe how quick summer flew by! I haven’t wanted to say on here when I’ll be back home (mostly because I’m not ready to have my heart split in two between Ireland and America), but it’s going to be really soon! Continue reading “August Recap”

Photos From Amsterdam, Part II

Here are the last of the photos from my time in Amsterdam back in June. You can see part one HERE if you missed them last week! To say I loved Amsterdam would be an understatement. This post is pretty short and simple, but I just wanted to share the rest of these photos! Continue reading “Photos From Amsterdam, Part II”

Life Update: Where I’ve Been Lately

So, my over aspiring goal to blog every week has officially been shattered after this three week silence streak! I’ve got a few posts that I am wanting to share but, dang! I’ve been in a such a funk the past few weeks and I’ll explain why soon, but I just thought I would share that yes, I am still alive despite my absence from the internet lately!

About a month ago I got some pretty serious burns on my foot (I’ll only say that an oven was involved…hah although I promise I am a good cook!), and I mean like hot-oil spilled on me giving me some pretty bad second degree burns. Continue reading “Life Update: Where I’ve Been Lately”

Ascension Day in Brugge

While I was in Belgium I decided to take a day trip to Brugge. Brugge is basically Belgiums best preserved medieval town that looks like something straight out of a fairy-tale. I can’t even explain how cute it was! I felt like I was walking through the set of a Disney movie the entire day! Continue reading “Ascension Day in Brugge”

The Best Week

This week was the best week! I got back from Amsterdam Saturday night (new post coming on that soon!), and on Sunday I had a picnic with some friends by the river. It’s been really hot in Ireland the past week (yes I consider high 70’s hot now hah), so I’ve been spending loads of time outside in the sun and I’m loving it! There’s a really great pub in Navan called the Bru House, and after our picnic we went there and just chatted for hours! My friend Yaiza is moving back home this weekend, so we’ve been trying to squeeze in as much time as we can before she leaves! Continue reading “The Best Week”

€5 Trip To Belgium

So, I think Belgium is officially my favorite country ever! I seriously loved it there! I found a flight from Hamburg (where I was staying in Germany) to Brussels for €5, yes thats like six USD, so I couldn’t pass it up! Going to Belgium was never a high priority for me, but now after visiting I’m wondering why it’s not on everyones list! I just can’t get over how absolutely stunning this place was! Continue reading “€5 Trip To Belgium”