Disneyland Trip!

Two years ago, I went to Disneyland with the DECA club at my high school. For those of you who don’t know what DECA is, it is an organization that prepares emerging entrepreneurs for marketing and management when they graduate high school and college. Basically, if you want to go into any type of business field, I would highly recommend joining this club, as that is what it’s all about! Anyways, DECA set up this huge conference for the entire western region of the U.S., and it was held in Anaheim, CA. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn Marriott Anaheim Resort and it was such a nice hotel! It was great because the conference was held in a huge ballroom on the first floor, so we didn’t have take a cab or bus to get there! The hotel was seriously HUGE, and it had everything you can think of! It had restaurants, ballrooms, a pool, and even a Starbucks which was perfect for those early morning Disneyland trips;) hah what hard workers we are!

Our hotel was only a couple blocks from Disneyland, so we had a short walk to get there. We spent about three days going to Disney, which I think is needed because it’s such a big park! We didn’t even make it to the Disney California Adventure Park until the last day we were there, just because there is literally so much to see/do!

We went in November so the entire park was decked out in Christmas decorations. I’ve always wanted to go around Halloween, but seeing all the Christmas trees and lights was so beautiful and I’m glad we went when we did! Cinderella’s castle was all lit up and all of the characters were in Christmas outfits! It was seriously so much fun!

This was one trip I will definitely never forget! I got to spend a week with some amazing friends and got to spend it in the most magical place in the world! If you ever get the chance to go, whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, do go! You will have such an amazing time!

Well that’s all for now everyone. Thanks for checking out my blog, even if my post are a little delayed (2 years lol).

Love, Kaite.img_1934img_1824img_1737

Materhorn model;)


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