Chitwan For the Weekend

The second weekend I was in Nepal, me and a group of volunteers decided to go to Chitwan. Geographically Chitwan National Park is super close to India, so we knew it was going to be miserably hot. By our surprise it cooled down a bit and even rained a couple times while we were there! There are so many things to see and do in Chitwan, which is probably why it was one of my fondest memories of Nepal.

Right after we arrived at our resort our guides gave us some time to relax and get ready. I should mention that when I say “resort” it’s totally not what you’re thinking. Nepali standards, it’s a resort. American standards, it’s a motel 6. Either way I loved it! Once we had a little time to settle in they took us on a Jungle Walk. To get there we had to take these huge canoes. Everything in me wanted to skim my hands through the water as we went down the river! The only thing stopping me was the fact that there were crocodiles in the waters! Yes, I canoed with CROCODILES!!! I still look back and think “Kaite, you are freaking crazy”. My roommate Grace is from Australia so she was super chill the entire time! Luckily no one lost a limb and we made it safely to the the bank where we began our Jungle Walk. I still can’t believe we literally walked through a jungle in Asia. How cool is that?! I saw deer, a nesting crocodile, and even came scarily close to a Rhino bathing in a watering hole! It was so amazing!

Our last night in Chitwan was a night I will never forget. They had a bar right out by the river bank where we all sat and had drinks. We talked and we laughed and it was such a fun time. Earlier that day we met a woman and her mother who were staying at the same resort as us and they kept telling us how bummed they were that they never got to see any Rhinos. We were all shocked because we had already seen so many on the jungle walk and safari. Well that night out by the river we were just sitting around telling stories and a local man ran up to us saying there was a Rhino in the streets! Before we knew it we were all running through the streets of Chitwan watching this huge Rhino stroll down the road. Even the locals were freaking out so you can imagine our reactions!


Rhino tracks right as we were getting out of the canoes.
If you look right in the center of this picture you can see a grey blob. Well that’s a Rhino! There is no zoom in this photo! We were seriously sooo close to this Rhino I still can’t believe it! Our guide was even freaking out about it. Such a crazy experience to say the least!
I know this picture is super grainy (iPhone picture) but it was so stunning you guys. We sat outside by the river our last night in Chitwan and it’s a night I will never forget.


The second day was all about elephants, which I will talk about in my next post! Chitwan is absolutely breathtaking, and when I go back to Nepal someday I will be sure to spend another weekend in this paradise!

Love, Kaite.