Home For Now

Pokhara. My home for six weeks. After a five hour bus ride consisting of crammed bodies, no air conditioning, and winding dirt roads, we finally made it to our homes. My roommate Megan and I were the furthest outside of Pokhara, so we were the last stop. Here I met my new sisters and brother. Bishnu, my host “mom”-who was really like an older sister- was hands down the most welcoming and kind woman I had ever met. Her daughter Smriti showed us love the moment we walked through the door. And their little 9 month old Babu flashed us the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. This was my new family, and I was so excited! The language barrier wasn’t hard, Smriti spoke fluent English, so she and Bishnu helped me with Nepali lessons in the evenings. Bishnu would always get really excited when we learned new words and would try and talk to them in Nepali.

Our house was gorgeous! You don’t know a colorful home until you go to Nepal. I think every wall in our house was a different color! The orphanage was really close by, I’m talking like a one minute walk! It was nice because we could just wake up and go! The kids at the orphanage would sometimes swing by the house and hang out with Smriti and Babu, so it was nice getting to see them so often! img_1065

The two roomies and I enjoying some crepes on a rooftop.




Do you see what I’m talking about when I say their houses are so colorful! The inside is just as crazy as the outside!
OR2K, our usual hang out spot by the lake.

img_1054img_1055img_1062img_1067img_1070In the mornings the fog would creep up over the hills and it was so breathtaking. The orphanage is the first floor of that orange roof house you see. We would walk the kids to and from school every day on this road (their school was about a five minute walk).

Gosh, Pokhara sure is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. This place wasn’t just my home for two months, it is my home forever. I love you Nepal.

Love, Kaite.