Kathmandu: The City of Temple

My first stop in Nepal was Kathmandu, the capitol city. Now that I’ve been to New York City, I would describe Kathmandu as the Asian version of NYC. It is so crazy here! My flight landed right as the sun was setting and it was such a beautiful sight to see! People drive like absolute nut jobs here, so the cab ride to the hostel was a bit nerve racking. Everyone kept asking if I had bad jet lag, but after 30+ hours of travel I didn’t have much trouble falling asleep!

I only spent three days in Kathmandu before I settled into Pokhara, so crammed a lot of sight seeing into those days. On our first day, we visited the Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), and it was so amazing. I didn’t get as many photos as I had hoped, because unfortunately I got really sick this day. Yes, day two of being in Nepal and I was already sick:( but lucky me, as I never got sick the remaining six weeks I was there!

I have to give a shoutout to my tour guide Rajesh. He is so kind and funny and was such a great guide. He is part of IVHQ (the organization I went with) but is always doing his own thing! If you ever find yourself in Nepal, be sure to contact him! He will find you the best restaurants, activities, and sights to see!

My favorite place, and an absolute must see if you are ever in Kathmandu is Kirtipur. Kirtipur is an ancient city in Nepal, and is a very quiet and calm area away from all the buzz in Kathmandu. Not to mention it is absolutely stunning! We explored temples, met local kids, and even found a cute little handmade paper shop. This was pretty much the point where I fell in love with Nepal. There was just so much culture packed into the tiny cobblestone streets of Kirtipur.

Though I loved being in Kathmandu, I was happy to be leaving after only a few days. The air pollution in the city is really, really bad, and I was happy to be going to Pokhara where I could finally breath some fresh air. Almost everyone in the Capitol wears a face mask to protect themselves from the terribly polluted air. By day three I was starting to cough, needless to say a five hour bus ride to get to clean air was no problem for me!img_0946img_0952img_0957

Tell me this isn’t the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen!


I hope this isn’t TMI, but this was my bathroom in Kathmandu. When I first arrived it was late at night and I went up to my room to take a quick shower. The power went out mid-shower, so I had to place my flashlight on the sink and just roll with it. Oh Nepal how I love your random power outages!


My parents laughed at how photoshopped this picture looks. Nope not photoshopped, it really is that green here!


This little monkey was going to town on that bottle of Mt. Dew and we were all pretty hysterical!


This was a local we met that was making baskets to sell. Some of them were seriously huge, it was so impressive.

img_1031img_1035The city of Kathmandu should really be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s so beautiful, and I’ve never experienced so much culture in one place. There is so much to see and do, and I hope one day soon I will find myself back here again.

Love, Kaite.