Elephants Stole My Heart

Nothing will ever top this day. I will go back to Nepal one day solely to reunite with my little elephant babies. The second day we were in Chitwan was all about the elephants. We went on an elephant safari, visited the elephant breeding center, and finished the day bathing with elephants in a river. I was in absolute heaven the entire day!

We started the day by hoping on the backs of these gentle giants and roaming around the jungle. It was so amazing! It was cool because we were so high up on the elephants back that we could get super close to wildlife. I’m talking like feet away. I actually have a picture somewhere of me putting my feet out towards a Rhino to show just how close I was. This sounds weird, but at one point we were riding the elephants and it started to rain, and I swear to you it was the most majestic experience I’ve ever had in my life!! Ugh, I’d do anything to live that moment over again.

After we went on the jungle safari we got to go see the breeding center. This was by far my favorite part! They had all these elephant calves that you could pet and play with. The one in my first three pictures completely stole my heart. It was so sweet and playful, I could have stayed there all day if they had let me!


Can you tell I was dying of excitement??


I swear this elephant posed for me right as I was taking this picture.


Post elephant bathing selfie! We also didn’t realize this was the river we canoed in. Not a big deal unless you remember all the crocodiles we spotted in the water the day before!

This was the point in my trip that I was finally getting over being homesick. It was pretty surreal that I was not only doing all these amazing things, but that I was doing it in Asia away from all my friends and family back home. These few days were pretty eye opening to say the least. It was such a great weekend with some of the greatest people I have ever met. Chitwan was definitely one for the books, and this was a weekend that I will never forget!

Love, Kaite.