Birthdays At the Nestling Home

These sweet, sweet kiddos. I miss them so much! The orphanage that I volunteered at in Pokhara was called the “Nestling Home”. There were only eight kids there which was great because I really got to know them all on a one on one basis. At the orphanage they don’t typically get to celebrate birthdays unless volunteers are there. Luckily for us we were able to celebrate two birthdays while we were there!

The youngest boy and the youngest girl both had their birthdays within the six weeks I was in Nepal. The little girl, Susmita, had her birthday while we were in Chitwan, so we promised her when we got back we would throw her a party! She told us what her favorite cake was, so later that day we went to the market and picked up a big chocolate cake decorated with her name on it. They LOVED it!! We also noticed that her current school bag was falling apart, so we got her a new hot pink backpack (her favorite color) filled with a journal and pink pens. She was so excited, and I was so happy we could be there to celebrate with her!

The little boy, Sajan, whom was also the youngest at the orphanage also had a birthday while I was there. For his birthday he asked that instead of a cake we could get him chow mien and momo (Nepalese dumplings) for the whole orphanage. Of course we were happy to! So we had a bunch of food delivered to the orphanage the day of his birthday and had a nice little party! For Sajan, because he was so young we decided to get him a remote control car that he could share with his brothers and sisters. They don’t really have a lot of things to play with at the orphanage, so we figured this would be something they would really love. He was so excited when he opened it, and all of the kids wanted to give it a spin! We discovered that it didn’t come with batteries (I guess that’s an American luxury), so Sajan grabbed my hand and we ran outside to a street vendor to get them! I told the kids that if they took really good care of the car, then they could ask future volunteers to get them batteries for it. I’m sure that the batteries died not long after I left, because they were always playing with that toy! img_1233img_6709

They played with the remote control car for hours! They were so excited to have it, especially all the boys!

img_1234img_1236img_1241img_1244I am so glad I was able to celebrate their birthdays with them! They were so excited, and it made me realize just how much your presence matters to these kids. Of course they were so excited about their gifts, but you could tell that just us being there meant the world to them. I think about these kids all the time and can’t wait to go back one day and celebrate more birthdays with them.

Until next time, Nestling Home.

Love, Kaite.