Death Hike to Sarangkot

On none other than the hottest day of the summer, some friends and I decided to hike up to Sarangkot and spend the night. At the beginning of the hike, there was a sign that said “Sarangkot: 1.5 hours”, and we all kept laughing because it took us over five hours to get to the top. We got about an hour in and we stumbled upon this little shack. Some Nepali boys were playing their guitars and invited us to come have a little music sesh with them. Haha now that I’m saying it, it sounds really sketchy, but it was so fun! We were all exhausted, so being able to sit down and jam with some locals was so nice!

Let me just say, this hike was brutal! About one fourth of the way up, the trail basically turned into stairs. The kind of stairs that are made of rocks and are constantly changing from narrow to wide steps. There was an elevation gain of over 5200 ft., and the stairs were extremely steep. It was by far the hardest hike I’ve ever been on (maybe next time I won’t be so out of shape)! We had to make sure we made it to the top before sundown, because we were told that there was a danger of tigers on Sarangkot at night. Why we were super casual about this, I have no idea. We finally made it to the top, in like I said, five hours (before sundown)!

We ended up staying in the first hotel we saw! I tried to find a link for you guys but I couldn’t find one, and I honestly would not recommend staying there! It was one of those places where I hold a great memory, but never want to make another one there! There were five of us so we were planning on getting two rooms with two beds in them. Well we ended up with one room and one bed somehow. They said the rooms were full but I swear to you there was like two other guests there besides us! When we got there our room was super hot so we opened all the windows! Not only did we forget to close them while we went down for dinner, but we left the light on. Another guest came up to us and said “Aren’t you guys scared of the bugs?” I ran up to the room and I’m telling you guys I’ve never seen so many bugs in my life! It was so bad!! So that night we had four of us crammed onto the one bed and one on the floor. We all went to bed with the blankets over our heads to keep the bugs out! I think we all woke up at one point in the night all sweating and kicking the blankets off. We pretty much stopped caring about the bugs at this point! We opened all the windows again, and by the time we woke up in the morning they were all gone!

It felt like we were literally floating on clouds. It was cloudy so we couldn’t see all the mountains, but I can’t complain because LOOK AT THIS VIEW!
Every time I see this picture I am just hysterical. “Dear visiters you are not allowed to throw dirts randamly”.


In the music shack with our red and sweaty faces. Definitely one of my favorite memories!


Break 10 of probably 100 haha!

img_6509img_6510img_6529snapseedI could go on about my adventure to Sarangkot for days but I think you may all get sick of reading so much! This was one of my favorite memories from Nepal, and I’m so glad I could share it with you all!

Love, Kaite.