Lake Day

If you’ve ever experienced a hot summer day in Nepal, you know how amazing a jump in Lake Fewa feels! I was in Nepal in June through mid July, the hottest months of the year. One day we finally decided to rent a paddle boat and spend an afternoon on the lake. We paddled out into the middle of the lake and all jumped out! Not going to lie, the water probably wasn’t the cleanest water to go swimming in. But when you’re in a boat in the middle of the summer in Nepal, you just don’t care! It was definitely the best way to cool off! We spent a few hours out on the lake swimming, laughing, and just relaxing. It was the perfect day! We all went out for a late lunch at Buzz when we were done and it was so delicious. We went to Buzz a lot, and every time I went in the owner would laugh at how much darker I was every time I came in. I got super tan the first few weeks I was there, especially after being out on the lake!img_6658

Titanic action going on here haha

img_6556img_6566img_6577img_6579img_6660Okay I couldn’t not put our “water yoga” pictures in here. We were joking around about yoga and it turned into a full on yoga photoshoot. We were all laughing so hard! img_6626

Jolie, my fellow American, also the funniest woman I’ve ever met!
Orla, the girl who talked up Ireland enough for me to want to move there (her home country)!
Megan, my roommate whom I came and left Nepal with. Our friendship those six weeks meant the world to me.
Grace, the friend that I immediately clicked with. We shared many, many laughs together and I was so glad to have crossed paths with her.

I think this was one of my favorite days in Nepal because of all the wonderful people I got to spend it with. It takes a certain kind of person to want to travel across the world and volunteer, and being around friends who share the same passions that I do was really special. I’d give anything to go spend another day on the lake with these girls! Until next time…

Love, Kaite.