Path to the Peace Pagoda

One of the days I was in Pokhara, my roommates and I decided to go to the World Peace Pagoda. Because we lived on the opposite side of Pokhara, we decided to walk to the lakeside and get a cab the majority of the way up. The top was only about a 30 minute walk from where our cab let us out, so we took in all the views on the way up. I still can’t get over just how green and beautiful Nepal is. When we got to the top they had flower gardens everywhere. The Peace Pagoda was sooo amazing! There was a 360 view over all of Pokhara and Fewa Lake. We walked around the temple and soaked in all the views, being up there was so surreal!img_1269img_1272img_1274

This is Fewa Lake and Pokhara is over there to the right. This picture blows my mind every time I see it. It’s so unbelievably gorgeous!


Okay tell me this doesn’t remind you of Narnia? That was my first thought when we stumbled upon this!


We decided to hike down the other side of the mountain and take a boat across the lake to get back to lakeside. *If you’re wondering what I mean when I refer to lakeside, it’s the area of Pokhara right on the edge of the lake that has all kinds of restaurants and shops. * img_1299img_1300img_1308img_1310It’s places like these that I wish I could take all my family and friends back home to. Everyone should experience Nepal’s beauty at least once in their lives.

The hike up to the Pagoda was rough, but stay tuned for my next post where I’ll talk about the actual death hike up to Sarangkot! Until then…

Love, Kaite.