Back In The Capitol

Back in Kathmandu once again. My roommate and I were leaving Nepal on the same day, so we decided to go back to the capitol for our last couple of days. I wish I had taken more photos of it, but the street shopping in Kathmandu is insane! Shops EVERYWHERE! Everything in Nepal is fairly cheap, but Kathmandu reigns supreme. After being in Nepal for almost two months I became really, really good at bartering. I ended up picking up over twenty hand braided bracelets for about $6 USD. I think I was most proud of the brass elephant statue I snagged for $10 USD. I’m telling you, if you’re traveling on a budget, go to Asia!

We also made sure to check out the Cremation Temple before we left. The temple is located on both sides of the Bagmati River. Here, Hindus and Buddhists are cremated on the banks of the river. They wash the face and feet of the bodies and then burn them on platforms beside the river. They are then released into the river where they travel their last journey. I know it sounds a little bit gruesome, but it was so calm and peaceful. There was just this really spiritual vibe there, and it was something that I’ve never experienced. It’s a huge part of their culture in Nepal, and I’m glad that I was able to be there and understand it. img_1517img_1518img_1521img_1519

This is the Bagmati River and there to the right is an actual cremation ritual taking place. img_1526img_7031img_7034img_7054

This last picture was me in a cab on the way to the airport. I was sad to be leaving Nepal, but so excited to see my family and friends back home. I’ll be back again one day Kathmandu!

Love, Kaite.