Backyard Croquet

So one night this summer a group of friends and I had a little yard game night. My friend Brandi seriously decked out her yard and hosted the best backyard croquet party I’ve ever been to (well also the only one I’ve ever been to)! We played lots of croquet (which I discovered I am terrible at), ate lots of food, and had lots and lots of laughs. My friends play a huge roll in my life, and being able to have little get togethers like these every once in a while is the best! Not to mention it was the perfect summer night! img_1583



I don’t even know haha! These girls crack me up!


The moment right before this cat left a scar on my stomach. Forgive but never forget.


This night was full of endless laughs, and I’m so glad that I have a few photos to look back on and remember it. Until next summer ladies…

Love, Kaite.