Halloween Weekend

I keep seeing tweets about Halloween being a weekend this year rather than a day and I just laugh because it’s so true! I guess Halloween on a Sunday means we can celebrate it Friday and Saturday too. Hey, I’m cool with that! I had three different costumes for Halloween this year but only managed to get pictures of two of them. My mom hosted a party at our house the weekend before Halloween, so I figured why not get in on the fun! I’m pretty sure I finished watching the “Stranger Things” series faster than the speed of light, so I decided to go as my favorite character, Eleven. I thought I did a pretty good job with it, but unfortunately none of the boring middle aged women (kidding hah) at the party knew who I was:( No worries that’s what a camera is for right people?!

I actually had to work on Halloween, so I threw together a last minute costume to wear about ten minutes before I left the house! I had these cute Minnie Mouse ears I got a few years back at Disneyland, so I just worked around it! So I put on a little black dress and drew some whiskers on my face and called it good! It was so effortless but so cute, I wish I would’ve taken a picture!

My third and final costume was a little duo with my friend Harlee. She built this box around her track chair and painted it to look like WallE. It was basically the best costume ever. I was WallE’s best friend Eve. Harlee’s church does this event every year called “Trunk or Treat”, so we passed out candy and froze our butts off all night long!


It was such a fun Halloween weekend, and I’m excited to see what costume/costumes I come up with next year! Until then…

Love, Kaite.