Park City On A Whim

A few days before this trip, my friend Paul tagged me in a video on Facebook . It was a video of some people tubing down an old ski slope. Needless to say, we planned a trip and ended up in Park City, UT two days later. I’d never even heard of Olympic Park, but it’s where the Winter Olympics were held in Utah back in 2002. Instead of tearing everything down after the Olympics, they decided to turn it into an outdoor theme park. And let me say, it is the coolest place ever!! I don’t have a ton of photos because I was mostly taking video footage, but just the two photos of the park I do have show just how awesome it is. There is so much to do there! We went extreme tubing, which had to be one of the most terrifying and exhilarating things I’ve ever done. You don’t realize how steep it is until your standing at the top looking down! They also had an alpine sled, a free fall tower, and a ropes course that was 60 ft. in the air! The best activity though had to be the zipline. Olympic Part has the steepest zipline on the continent. Paul and I were able to ride side by side and it was sooo much fun! I was vlogging while he was doing a Facebook live video and I must say the footage was pretty awesome! img_7109utah_olympic_park_skijump_park_cityimg_7114ropes-courseimg_1572img_1573img_1576

We went out to eat in Salt Lake later that night and ate at a little place called Eva. The food was pretty good, and it reminded me of what I would assume a restaurant in Italy looks like. Hah maybe one day I will know! We only stayed one night and drove home the next morning, but it was such a memorable trip! It’s not very often that you get to pack up and take a road trip with friends, and going on a total whim made it even better. The video below is the vlog that I made of our trip to Park City. Hopefully it persuades you to plan a trip to this awesome place!

Paul, thanks for an unforgettable trip. I’m sure there will be many, many more to come!

Love, Kaite.