Reunited In NYC

So back in October I was talking to Paul about coming to visit him in NYC. He goes to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, and I had been dying to make a trip up there! Well I ended up booking a flight and wah lah, I was in New York! It was so nice getting to see Paul again and have him show me around the city! He’d been there for long enough that he could show me a lot of touristy things, but also a lot of local “new-yorker” things. I think we bring out the adventure in each other! It was so fun getting to hear all about his new life in New York and his awesome fashion classes (please make me something already)

Here’s a list of some of my favorite things we did while I was in NYC:

  1. Roaming the streets of Brooklyn totally thinking we were on our way to Broadway.
  2. Low-key chasing after a celebrity on Madison Avenue (hah my feet were actually dead after this).
  3. Taking a subway all the way to Brooklyn, only to find out the thrifting convention ended the day before.
  4. Watching street performers put on a really cool perfomance, then realizing they just robbed everyone.
  5. Trying Wafels & Dinges for the first time ever and LOVING it!
  6. Going to a bunch of Gossip Girl scenes (the MET was my favorite).
  7. Riding the subway for the first time ever!
  8. Getting cupcakes from the Cupcake ATM.
  9. Walking through Prospect Park (who knew this little forest could fit inside New York City).
  10. Christmas Karaoke. In Queens. Until 6am.
  11. Going to Coney Island and it being freezing and a barren wasteland. Hah seriously though, WHERE WAS EVERYBODY?!


Seriously loved getting to hang out with this guy again! New York City suits him well! Maybe one day we’ll have to do a round two!

Love, Kaite.