Kingscourt Park

Last Sunday we loaded up the whole family and went to this gorgeous park near Kingscourt. If you’re wondering why we all look so bundled up in these photos, it’s because it’s freezing here! Not to mention I wore my hair in a topknot for the first time in years… I was afraid my ears were actually going to fall off! Despite the cold, it was so much fun! It is truly one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever walked through. It’s sooo green here, which is nice compared to all the bare trees back in Wyoming.

This park is so cool though! There’s rivers to cross, tunnels to go through, and the girls even showed me this little “house” that I’m pretty sure was once some sort of dungeon. It was actually a little creepy hah, but so cool to see! img_0121img_0127img_0141img_0125img_0155

The girls and I all bundled up!


This bridge was bringing back some serious childhood memories. All I could keep thinking was how much it reminded me of the movie “Bridge to Terabithia”!

It’s taken a little time, but I’m finally settling in here and finding my groove. I had dinner Sunday night with a group of girls and it was so nice just getting to talk and laugh with people who understand where I’m at (they are all foreigners too)! Every time I talk to my parents or friends back home (Jamie Rae I’m talking about you), I am reminded of how lucky I am to have people to miss. And I do. I miss everyone back home so much, but I know that Ireland is where I’m supposed to be right now! I’m going into Dublin next weekend to meet a friend I met when I was in Nepal last summer. It’s going to be a little reunion and I can’t wait! Anyways I should have some good stuff up on the blog next week after my time in Dublin, so stay tuned!

Love, Kaite.