A Weekend In Dublin

Last weekend I hopped on a bus and went straight to Irelands capitol city, Dublin! My friend Orla (we met in Nepal) lives there and goes to Trinity College, so right after I arrived she showed me around the campus. I didn’t get many pictures of the college because it was starting to get dark, but next time I’m in Dublin, I’ll be sure to go during the day and get some good pics!

On Saturday we went to Powerscourt. It’s basically a huge country estate that’s well known for its beautiful surrounding gardens. It was originally a 13th century castle, but was destroyed in a fire in 1974. So in 1996 the owners renovated the house to still have that “13th century look”, and opened it up to the public. Thank goodness because this place is amazing!

My favorite thing here was the Pepperpot Tower. It’s this tower that you can climb all the way to the top and overlook a lot of the gardens. It has some serious medieval vibes hah! img_0207img_0206img_0211img_0208img_0214img_0221

Pepperpot Tower. Tell me this doesn’t just scream “Ireland”!


Orla attempting to climb into one of the giant cups while I keep an eye out for the guards!


If only my hair were longer….
Yum, yum, yum! Perfect way to end our visit at Powerscourt!


Posing in front of one of the many “Guinness” doors I’ve seen while here. Am I a real tourist yet?

My friend works at the cinema near Dublin and had to work Saturday night, so her sister and I went shopping for a few hours then caught a movie later on. The next day I slept in, got a little lost on the way to the bus station, and eventually made it back in one piece to Navan! It was so great getting to catch up with Orla and have her show me around Dublin a little. She’s the only person I knew before moving here, so it was nice to see a familiar face! I’m heading back to Dublin this weekend as well for a fun tour, so check back and see what I have up on the blog next week! As always, thanks for reading:)

Love, Kaite.