We Came Here For The Chocolate

Hey guys! I’m back in Dublin again… but this time, it’s for the chocolate! A group of friends and I made plans a while back to do the Butlers Chocolate Tour and it was so much fun! The tour only cost us about €12 ($13 usd) and it was the best €12 I’ve ever spent! If you know me, you know that I have the biggest sweet tooth. I loooove chocolate!

The tour lasted almost two hours and they seriously gave us so much chocolate throughout the whole tour! We had to put on these white coats and hats and we all kept joking that we looked like pharmasists. The first part of the tour you go into a little theater and watch the “Chocolate Movie”. It pretty much just a short film about the history of chocolate and how Butlers Chocolate came to be. They take you through the entire production room and show you how the chocolate is actually made. They are getting ready for Easter right now, so there we’re these huge golden eggs everywhere! We weren’t allowed to take any pictures of the production room, but it was pretty cool to see! The best part was when they told us that all the pipes running throughout the ceiling and walls of the production room are filled with chocolate. Yes, there is literally chocolate pipes in the factory. At this point I was basically searching for the oompa loompas hah! In the final part of the tour we got to decorate our own chocolate elephants. I was kind of expecting some elaborate decorating to go on here, but they pretty much just handed us a bowl of white chocolate and some paint brushes. See the way I saw it was, sure I can add a few details here and there, or I can paint the entire elephant in white chocolate and have even more chocolate in the end. So see if you can spot which elephant below is mine! img_0337img_0343img_0344img_0345

We are prescribing you lots and lots of chocolate!


We were only in the city for one day, but it was so much fun! It’s definitely something to do if you’re ever looking for something different to do in Dublin! We walked around the city later that night and met up for dinner with a couple other girls. It’s so nice living in a smaller, less crowded town, but only being about an hour away from Dublin! Here’s to more weekend trips with new friends!

Love, Kaite.

P.S. I just want to thank everyone who stops by and reads my blog. Whether it be daily or just every once in a while, I love that people are seeing what I’m up to. I really wish I could have every one of my family and friends here with me to share these experiences, but I know it’s just not possible. I hope you’re all enjoying seeing Ireland through me and this blog!