One Month

Today marks one month. One month since I said goodbye to my family. One month since I said goodbye to my friends. And one month since I said goodbye to the life I knew and moved abroad. 

I remember sitting on the plane thinking, “Did I really just pack up and move to a different country? I’m 19 years old, what am I thinking?!”. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely terrified to be moving here. It’s hard enough to leave home as it is, but flying half way across the world is another thing.

When I came home from Nepal I remember immediately wanting to hop back on a plane and venture off to another place. I don’t know where my love for travel came from, but I’m sure glad I have it. I came across this quote a while back and I feel like I relate to it so well, “Travel far enough you meet yourself”. Traveling has showed me who I really am. I’ve learned to be tough. To just go with the flow. To step outside of my comfort zone. To meet new friends. To take risks. To be entirely myself.

I hope that I have encouraged or inspired others along the way to stop waiting for the “right time” and just go for it. There is no better time than now to chase your dreams.

On a lighter note…I thought I would share a little bit of what life has been like for me here in Navan. I am always hustling and bustling to get the kids somewhere that I rarely stop to take pictures of whats around me! I’ve been trying to make it a goal to snap more pics of my home here and what I see daily.

The buildings here are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen, and every time I’m looking up at them in awe I swear locals are looking at me like I’m such a weirdo! But I can’t help it! I mean come on, look how incredible they are! I live in a really great location, so almost everything around here is within walking distance. The city center is only about a 15 minute walk, and thats where the mall, cinema, restaurants, and coffee shops are! img_0069

I always see this abandoned building every time I cross the bridge and I think it is so beautiful! Something about it just always catches my attention!


Little Thea enjoying a nap…ahh what it would be like!


I pass this church almost every day and never manage to get a picture showing the entire building without doing a panoramic shot. Somehow it always turns out looking like the Leaning Tower of Ireland…
The girls are always showing me what they did in school, and the other day one of them showed me their space picture they colored. There’s a wall in their school where they put up all the kids drawings/paintings every week and it’s seriously the cutest thing!
A little glimpse of what the streets here look like.

So anyways…life here in Ireland is good! It’s definitely feeling more and more like home, and I actually can’t believe that I’ve already been here a month. I have a lot of trips planned this month around Ireland, and I can’t wait to see more of this beautiful country! So here’s to one month, and the many more months I’ll be calling this place home!

Love, Kaite.