Athlumney Castle

Last Sunday a few friends and I decided to go check out Athlumney Castle. It’s right here in town, and was the perfect activity to do for the afternoon! We had to get the keys from the owners, so we walked a little ways to the Athlumney Manor B&B. They make you pay a deposit for the key, and let you explore the castle and cemetery for as long as you want! I have to say, the owners of the B&B were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met! They told us a little bit about the history of the castle, and showed us around all the rooms there! You can actually see the castle from most of the rooms which was so cool! We talked about where we were from and what we were all doing in Ireland, and just had a really great, genuine conversation. It’s so nice to have strangers be so kind and welcoming! They even told us to call if we ever needed anything (I mean seriously how nice is that?!) or if our family and friends were visiting and they would give them a good rate! I would recommend this place to anyone! I wasn’t even a guest there and I loved the place!

When we finally got to the castle I was just standing there in amazement! For how old this castle is, it is in pretty good shape! It was so unreal standing inside the castle thinking about how someone hundreds of years ago actually lived there. These pictures don’t do it justice at all, it’s amazing. Most of the walls inside are gone, and there’s no roof anymore, but being able to walk through the grounds of the castle was so crazy! We found out when we were returning the key that there were actually stairs that you could go up in, but we never found them! We’re planning on going back again one day and seeing it again as well as the cemetery nearby! img_0405img_0406img_0407img_0409img_0410img_0411

Nope, not going in there!!


I actually don’t think we were supposed to be in this part of the castle! The same key we used to get past the gate actually worked for the lock on this door. There were literally two of us trying to shove the door open, so I don’t think it had been opened in a while! Not sure what the room was used for back in its day, but it definitely had an eerie feeling to it!






The cutest little red door we passed on the way back from the castle.

I just can’t get over how cool this place was! I have a newfound love for castles at this point, and it’s great because Ireland is the perfect place to explore them! I’m going to Cork (Southern part of Ireland) this weekend and I won’t be bringing my laptop with me as it’s just too much of a hassle! I’m sure I’ll have a couple new posts up about it on the blog next week though, so stay tuned! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Love, Kaite.