Another Day Another Castle

Hello everyone! I have been seriously slacking on the blog lately! It’s been what? Like two weeks?! I’ve been crazy busy, and on top of that I’m sick again! Being around kids all the time sure is testing my immune system! Anyways, I thought I’d share with you a post or two about my weekend in Cork (Southern Ireland) a couple weekends ago! 

I went with two other girls whom I’d just met and we had a blast! The bus from Dublin to Cork was almost 4 hours, and we didn’t arrive until almost midnight. We ended up staying in a hostel for the weekend (yay! my first hostel experience) and let me just say this travel down comforter my mom got me for Christmas totally saved my life! It was soooo cold in Cork, and I am about 98% sure there was no heating system in the hostel! It was only 17 euro a night ($18), so I couldn’t really complain. Hostels are a great route to go if you’re only staying in a city for a couple nights, but any longer and I would have turned into an actual ice cube!

Other than the hostel, the trip was great! I found a day tour that took us around the city of Cork as well as Blarney and Cobh (I’ll talk about Cobh in my next post). When we started out, our tour guide was telling us all about Cork and its history. Apparently Cork comes from the Irish word Corcaigh meaning marsh. So basically the whole city of Cork is built entirely on a marsh. I don’t know why this little fact stuck out to me but it did! After we drove through Cork and listened to more stories about the city, we ended up in Blarney. Blarney was so amazing! We had about two hours to roam around and check out the castle and gardens, and it was so amazing! I think there were about six or seven floors, and the only way to get to them is by this super tiny spiral staircase. I’m not kidding it was pretty terrifying walking up and down it! You can see in the picture below that my feet couldn’t even fit on one step! It was a pretty awesome castle though and I’d totally recommend anyone visiting Ireland to check it out! img_0586img_0515

So I actually stole this picture off the internet because I never got a decent one of the castle when I went. They were doing construction on one entire side of the castle so I didn’t even want to bother with trying to get a good photo of it!


The grounds around the castle were just as awesome! There were gardens and waterfalls, and my favorite, the “Wishing Steps”. I guess it’s an old legend that the “Blarney Witch” would take firewood from the estate in return for granting wishes. So now it’s believed that if you can walk up and down the stairs with your eyes closed the entire time, she will grant you a wish.img_0532

When the tree 10 ft away is taller than your “Lookout Tower” hah!


Why is there a palm tree in Ireland??


So, all in all, Blarney was awesome. I could’ve spent the whole day there honestly! I can just imagine how beautiful it would be in the summer! It’s so green here already that I forget everyone back home is practically living in a snow globe! Hope you’re all staying warm over there;)

Anyways, like I said, sorry for being so MIA these past couple of weeks! I’m getting back on track with the blog now and am excited to share with you some new stuff! As always, thanks for following along!

Love, Kaite.