Sneaking Into Tours

So here I am, listening to this virtual tour guide, learning about the Titanic and it’s last stop before its final voyage, only to realize, “wait I don’t think we’re supposed to be here”. Yep, we accidentally snuck into a tour. And I mean accidentally!

While I was in Cork I went on a tour of Blarney and Cobh. Well, this post is about Cobh. You’re probably reading the word Cobh as in corn on the cob. Don’t worry I was too. Turns out, it’s actually pronounced cove. It definitely makes no sense at all but hey, thats the Irish way! Cobh is famous for being the last stop the Titanic made before it left for its final voyage to America. When we got off the bus, our tour guide was telling us we could go see the Titanic museum so my friends and I went on over to check it out. We walked right inside, looked around, and before you knew it we were sitting in a dark room beginning our tour. Our tour? Yeah, turns out we walked in just in time for the one o’clock tour. That we weren’t supposed to be on. That we didn’t pay for. They closed the doors behind us and were already going with the tour so we figured we’d just tag along and hoped they wouldn’t throw us out! In the end we learned some interesting things about the titanic and got a free tour! You can’t beat that!

Cobh was so colorful and beautiful! All the houses and shops are painted different colors and it’s so cool to see! By far the most amazing thing to see in Cobh though is the cathedral. I have never in my life seen such a massive church! It was insane! I kind of just stood there in awe looking at it. That’s another thing about Ireland. The cathedrals here are seriously the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen! img_0588img_0592


This is what the average rooms would have looked like on board the titanic.


Had to climb the side of a cliff to get this photo, and it was totally worth it!


A little street art showing the city of Cork.


The last night we were in Cork we went to this little burger joint called Bad Boys BBQ. It made me feel like I was back home and it was the best (and only) burger I’ve had since moving to Ireland! There’s definitely some days where I’m really missing home, but little things like this always seem to be a good cure for it.

Love, Kaite.