Belfast For The Weekend

Gosh I am so bad at putting blog posts off for days and days! Just trying to play a little catch up because I have so many things I want to share from my weekend in Northern Ireland! We got into to Belfast on Friday evening and picked up some food at a supermarket for our breakfast the next morning. We stayed at this airbnb while in Belfast, and it was so great! I swear Airbnb’s are the best way to go when traveling. They are super popular here in Europe and I’ve found it to be the best way to travel on a budget while also staying in a nice place.

We spent all day Saturday on a Game of Thrones tour (which was sooo amazing), and decided to explore the city of Belfast a little on Sunday. We checked out St. Georges Market which is supposed to be a very popular thing to see in Belfast. It was so great! They have different vendors selling certain things every day of the week, and on Sundays it’s all about art. They have food vendors there every day so fortunately we didn’t miss out on any of that! I ended up picking up a few small paintings of places that I had seen the previous day on the tour. They had live music playing at the market, and the overall atmosphere of the place is just so cool!


What you don’t see in this photo is a man about to hand me some chocolate….why else would I be smiling so big??
I was able to get the best crepe EVER right before they sold out! I seriously loved this little market!


After the market, a friend and I walked over to the Titanic Museum. It was huge! We spent over two hours there, and I am so glad that I went and saw it! Belfast is actually the place where the Titanic was built. The museum is set up sort of like a timeline. It started with the history of the two men that started the shipyard where the Titanic was built. We got to see how it was made, what the inside of the ship looked like, what passengers were on board, ect. Then of course there was the section of the museum that was dedicated to the sinking of the ship and the discovery of it years later. I think the Titanic is a big part of American history, and to be able to travel all the way to Northern Ireland and stand where the ship once stood was such a crazy feeling. It was definitely something I knew I had to do once while I was here and I’m so glad that I did!

This was an interactive floor and it was so cool! You could “walk” through the ship and step on different rooms. I felt like such a little kid here hah!


The slipway the Titanic was built on. I still can’t believe I stood in the exact spot the ship was once standing in. Such a surreal moment.


Belfast, I love you, thanks for having me.

Love, Kaite.