When In Rome

Here I am again, a few weeks late! The past week and a half I’ve been away traveling and decided to leave my laptop at home. So now I’m back, and I figured I’d catch up on the loads of blogposts I have yet to post! Right after my trip to Paris last month, I had four more days until I had to be back to work, so I decided I’d just hop on over to Italy for a few days! I flew into Rome on a Friday afternoon and decided to do a little tour that night so I could get a bit of a handle on the city. I went on this free walking tour, and it was so nice! It was about two hours long and we just walked around the city and saw a lot of the main attractions and got some good recommendations on food and other things to see.

Saturday I started my day early and headed to the Palestine Hill and Roman Forum. There was a massive line at the Coliseum right next to it, so I hopped in line for the Roman Forum and was able to get a ticket for all three (Roman Forum, Palestine Hill, and Coliseum) right there! I spent a few hours venturing through all of them, and decided to walk around a bit and grab some lunch. After lunch I headed over to Capitoline Hill (Rome’s Capitol building) and decided to take the elevator all the way to the top. The views we’re AMAZING! I could see the Roman Forum, Palestine Hill, the Coliseum, and the city of Rome for miles and miles and miles! The rest of the day I just chilled out and walked around a bit. I ended up going back to the Trevi Fountain (I’d already seen it while on the walking tour), because I mean come on, it is soooo beautiful!

Sunday was my last full day in Rome and I had planned on going to the Vatican City. Turns out I wasn’t as organized as I’d thought because the Vatican is actually closed on Sundays. I was super bummed about it, but ended up heading that way to see St. Peter’s Basilica. There was an insane line (it would have taken at least 2 hours to get in), and while I waiting I met another American and her friend from Switzerland. We ended up talking for quite a while and decided to get skip the line passes together. It was seriously so nice meeting some new friends, especially since I started the day off a little disappointed. After walking up and down what felt like 5,000,000 steps, (okay really only 500), my new friends and I parted ways and I set out for some well earned gelato! This was my last night, so I went and had some delicious pasta and headed back to my airbnb to get some rest for my flight the next morning. IMG_2126IMG_2114IMG_2149.JPG

The Trevi Fountain is seriously a masterpiece. It is sooo beautiful! I could have spent hours just sitting there admiring it!


Pistachio & dark chocolate….best gelato EVER!


Now that you’ve all seen the beautiful pictures, and the highlights of my trip, let me tell you about the nightmare that was getting home… I woke up Monday morning, packed my bags, hopped on the metro, and was ready to head to the airport. I had to take a bus from the main station, and it was all going good, until a wonderful strike broke out and I showed up at the airport 15 minutes before my flight left. Still having to check my bag in, go through security, and board the plane…nope, it didn’t happen. So here I am, stranded in Rome, trying to figure out when the next flight to Dublin is that day (if there even is one), about to burst into tears because “Hello?! What am I even supposed to do?!”. Twelve hours and $300 later I was finally boarding a plane to take me back to Dublin. Mom, if you’re reading this, sorry I FaceTimed you at 6am bawling my eyes out. I know watching your daughter thousands of miles away have a nervous breakdown in a foreign airport probably isn’t what you wanted to see, but just know that had you not answered, I have no idea how I would have made it through the day.

Needless to say, the end of my trip to Rome was hands down one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I swear I was still stressed out for like a solid week after that. But, all in all, I made it back to Ireland and life went on as usual. It definitely taught me that things happen, and even though it might seem like the world is about to end, it doesn’t. Anyways, despite the bad ending to my trip, I really did love Rome!

Hope you’re all doing well, and that you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Until next time…

Love, Kaite.