Spring Break In Ireland

Back at the beginning of April, my friend Paul (who you may recognize from my New York City post back in November) flew over to Ireland for a few days over his spring break! It was so nice being able to see an old friend and be able to show someone around my new “home”. We had an intense couple of days traveling, Ireland, London, and our last stop Ibiza, Spain, but I’ll get into those in another post.

We were able to spend three days in Ireland. Our first day, I showed him around my town, Navan, and later that night made our way to Galway. We got into Galway pretty late, so we dropped off our bags at the hotel and headed downtown to find some good pubs. We discovered The Kings Head Pub which is by far my favorite pub I’ve been to here. They had the best live music and it was so much fun. We spent quite a few hours in there before heading back to get some rest for the next day. The morning after, we had a tour scheduled to go see the Cliffs of Moher. I’d been dying to see these since I moved here but hadn’t gotten the chance yet. The tour lasted all day, and took us through lots of tiny little Irish villages and mountains.

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Lunch stop at Gus O’Connor’s Pub!

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The cutest little sweater shop in Doolin, a little village near the Cliffs of Moher.

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Seriously breathtaking. The cliffs were exactly as I imagined, massive and absolutely beautiful.
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Little ladybug whisperer haha

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I should also mention that this was probably the nicest weather I’d experienced in my whole four months of living in Ireland. Paul brought the good weather with him!

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The next day we were in Dublin, and we ended up canceling our Ring of Kerry Tour so we could just chill out and spend a day in the city. After our long night in Galway and our day tour to the cliffs, we were basically zombies. So we slept in a little and had a nice day in Dublin instead! IMG_3477IMG_3480IMG_3485IMG_3486IMG_3493

The Trinity College Library. We went in to see the Book of Kells and at the end you get to walk through the old library. The ceiling is sooo tall, and the books go on for ages! I was feeling some serious Beauty And the Beast vibes!


The famous Temple Bar! I’ve never actually gone inside because it’s so small and is always so crowded! But you can’t visit Dublin and not take a photo standing outside it!

It was so nice having Paul visit for a few days and being able to show him around. It’s not often that I get to play tour guide around here! Also, shoutout to him for actually coming to Ireland! It’s not that common for people our age to be able to travel like this and I totally admire him for making it happen. I hope it’s a trip he will never forget!

So if anyone else wants to hop on over to Ireland, let me know! I would love to have a few more visitors! As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope you’re all having an amazing day!

Love, Kaite.