Life Update: Where I’ve Been Lately

So, my over aspiring goal to blog every week has officially been shattered after this three week silence streak! I’ve got a few posts that I am wanting to share but, dang! I’ve been in a such a funk the past few weeks and I’ll explain why soon, but I just thought I would share that yes, I am still alive despite my absence from the internet lately!

About a month ago I got some pretty serious burns on my foot (I’ll only say that an oven was involved…hah although I promise I am a good cook!), and I mean like hot-oil spilled on me giving me some pretty bad second degree burns.I didn’t go to the hospital (although I probably should have), but it wasn’t doing bad at this point. I had a trip planned to Amsterdam the next day (new post on that soon), and I was half excited, half dreading it because I didn’t quite imagine myself hobbling around during my time in HOLLAND! Despite everything I had a great time in Amsterdam and my foot was actually starting to heal!

A few days after I got back to Ireland I flew back home to America to spend time with family. I ended up running out of the cream that I had been using here in Ireland, so I bought some new stuff that…drumroll…I was allergic to! just. my. luck. It all went downhill from there. My foot swelled up and starting blistering everywhere, and seriously just looked sooo bad! I spent half of my time in the U.S. worrying about the burns and how much worse my foot was getting. I ended up going to Urgent Care there and they gave me a few things that ultimately did not work.

So when I came back to Ireland I realized my foot wasn’t getting any better, and I ended up having to see two more doctors who told me completely different things. I tried numerous prescriptions and nothing seemed to be working. Honestly I was just so desperate for my foot to heal! I ended up going into the hospital last Wednesday and when the doctor prescribed me yet another cream for something that was different than what the other three doctors told me, I almost had a nervous breakdown right there in front of him.  I’d like to think I am a pretty positive person, but this seriously pushed me over the edge. Do you ever get so frustrated and overwhelmed that you just bawl your eyes out, because this was totally that situation! So I came home that night with little to no hope that this cream would work and was exhausted by the thought that my foot was just eternally damned!

Turns out, this stuff is a miracle cream! My foot is finally healing and I am sooo happy about it! I spent weeks just hanging out at home because I literally didn’t want to go anywhere! My foot was so swollen and blistered that I didn’t want to go anywhere that I had to walk a lot because it was so painful. Not to mention it looked absolutely terrible and I didn’t want anyone to see it!

So, just a rough few weeks for me over here, but I am finally on the mend and feeling sooo much better! That was such a long winded story but I felt like I needed to give an excuse as to why I’ve been so MIA the past month! Anyways, thanks for reading. I know this isn’t like my usual ‘travel posts’ but it’s something I just wanted to write about and tell you guys!

I hope you’re all having a great week and are having the best summer! Thanks to everyone who checked in on me and helped me out this past month, I love you guys!

Love, Kaite.