August Recap

How am I doing an August recap right now? How is September starting this week? How have I been here for almost nine months? HOW, HOW, HOW?! I can’t even believe how quick summer flew by! I haven’t wanted to say on here when I’ll be back home (mostly because I’m not ready to have my heart split in two between Ireland and America), but it’s going to be really soon! I feel like I’m so torn on moving back home because I miss my family and friends back in Wyoming, but I just love Ireland so much. Ireland really is my home and I’m so sad to be leaving, but I have to keep telling myself I’m just on to my next great adventure!

Anways, below are a bunch of photos from the last month that I wanted to share with you guys!IMG_7712

Puddle jumpin’ during the rainstorm!


Out celebrating Celine’s last week in Ireland (there were like five birthday parties at the pub this night so we got a pic with these random balloons hah)


My first “twisty” at Finnegan’s Farm!


Picking potatoes in the rain. this. is. Ireland.

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This girl and her poses hah!
Tayto Park aka Irelands Disneyland


^^A couple weekends ago my friend Katja and I went to a Gaelic Football match in Dublin, and it was sooo much fun! I’ve never even watched the sport on television so it was entirely new to me. It was pretty much a downpour the entire day in Dublin, but I can’t get over how fun it all was. For some reason it was taking me back to my high school cheerleading days when I used to be out on the field screaming for the footballers! Hah, I really can get sooo competitive sometimes! Anyways, I’m so so so glad that I got to go to that game!


Why I never do my hair anymore^^^
Love these little monkeys so much<3
Night out in Dublin with my girl Katja!


So that was August! I swear if you guys could see my calendar for the month of September you would understand why I am anxious about getting sooo busy! I think I have one day the entire month where I’m not doing something! Anyways, just wanted to give a shoutout to all my friends back home (and my mom, whoop, whoop) who are starting back up at college. I’m a little bummed to be moving back home right as everyones leaving for the school year, but I’m wishing you all the best!

Hope you all had the best summer and are enjoying your Labor Day weekend (not here in Ireland:/)! I’ve got some new posts I’m hoping to put up by next week so check back here if you want to see them. Lots of love from Ireland!

Love, Kaite.