The Fantastic Five

Okay so todays post is a bit different than usual, but since I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking here, I’ve been dreaming about all the cooking I did (okay rarely) back home! I have a few recipes that I want to share with you here today that are seriously the best! None of them really go with each other either hah but that doesn’t matter! They are just things that friends, family members, and I really enjoy!

**Disclaimer* None of the recipes or photos below are my own. I have linked all the original sites to the recipes to give credit! I usually am too busy eating my food to snap a picture, but I’ll try next time hah!*


Now I’ve only actually made this recipe once, but the one time I did make it, it was a huge hit! I found the recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it out one night, it’s Creamy Chicken and Herb Skillet. This one is a little more difficult to make, and it definitely took longer than the “15 minutes” the recipe says hah! What makes it so good is the Boursin spreadable cheese sauce that you put on it! It’s a little expensive and hard to find, which is probably why I only made it once, but it was worth it! Seriously this was the best chicken dish I have ever made! My dad never lets me forget how much he wants me to make it again! Anyways,  definitely try this one, you won’t be disappointed! Also Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, now you have the recipe… now you don’t need me to make it for you!


My ultimate favorite, Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry! It actually calls for mushrooms, but I’m not a big fan so I usually don’t add them in! This is such an easy recipe and it is the most delicious thing ever! It also calls for fresh ginger and garlic, but if you only have the spices, thats okay too (I usually do this when I’m feeling extra lazy), it tastes pretty much the same! I usually make this and rice, and it turns out to be a quick and easy dinner. Ah I love it so much!!


So this next recipe I actually found on Facebook! I didn’t save the video so I found the closest recipe online! One night I made Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken and it was so good! My dad makes the best poppers, but always seems to make a few WAY too hot, so I didn’t want these chicken breasts to be that way! I took almost all the seeds out when I made it, but I ended up wishing I had left a few jalapeño seeds in because it didn’t have as much flavor as I’d hoped! So, depending on how hot you like your food you can kind of alter the spiciness of it! This recipe is actually so easy and quick, so if you’re looking for something to throw together and pop in the oven, this is the perfect thing!


Lesa Speyer, this one’s for you! I made these Chocolate Chip Cookies to go with a friends cookie jar for a cookie jar auction last fall, and they turned out to be so good! I usually just pull up random recipes off Pinterest every time I make something, but I think this is officially my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe! The instructions are super important, so make sure you follow them exactly! When they got out of the oven I let them cool a couple minutes then wrapped them in twos in saran wrap. I know it’s a little extra work, but it keeps them so soft for a long time! Mmmm seriously the best cookies!


Okay last one! If you know me, you know I have a major sweet tooth! I absolutely love a good classic sugar cookie, and this Sugar Cookie recipe is the best! I have another really great sugar cookie recipe but I got it from a friend and I’ve been sworn into secrecy by it! Anyways this one is super good, and is the closest copycat recipe I’ve found to Katie’s Cakery in Riverton (my favorite cookies EVER)! It’s so easy, and the buttercream frosting really puts it over the top!

So once again, this was a totally random post, but these are just a few of my favorite recipes! I hope you will try one (or all) out and let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Love, Kaite.