101 Loves

I don’t know how to start these anymore… it’s been so long! What’s new with me? Well, I’m trying not to count the time I’ve been back home, but it’s been almost four months. I’ve got a few upcoming trips planned that I’m super stoked about! I’m back in school now. Just taking a few courses that will go towards my bachelors. I’m actually taking a writing course which I figured would be good for me, seeing as I haven’t wanted to write in a long time. One of our assignments was to write about 100 things we love. For some reason I knew I just had to put this up on the blog. In the months that I’ve been home it’s been really hard trying to rediscover all the things I once loved about this place. And well, about life in general. I think I lost touch with a lot of things that I use to enjoy and love, and this was exactly what I needed to get back into writing. So, without further ado, 100 things I love.

1. acoustic versions of songs.

2. writing.

3. the stars.

4. hilarious pick-up lines.

5. putting money in my “adventure” jar.

6. singing in the car.

7. Dads homemade pancakes.

8. cats.


9. Love, Rosie.

10. chai tea.

11. the band “Picture This”.

12. riding on a train.

13. Ireland.


14. the mountains.

15. Moscow Mules.

16. polaroid photos.

17. Thai food.

18. beanies.

19. hippos.

20. my collection of coffee mugs.

21. The Office.

22. Panera mac n’ cheese.

23. Harry Potter World in London.


24. Kanoodle.

25. agendas/planners.

26. mint chocolate chip ice cream.

27. soft blankets.

28. coffee.

29. connecting with new people.


30. laughing until you cry.

31. hugs.

32. dancing in my living room.

33. plane rides.

34. giving gifts.

35. pumpkin pie.

36. receiving a letter.

37. a fresh set of sheets on your bed.

38. the sound of rain.

39. walking barefoot in the sand.

40. getting breakfast with an old friend.

41. MFM podcast.

42. making someone laugh hysterically.

43. my Irish family.


44. seeing your best friend.

45. hiking.

46. Pilot .05 pens.

47. shoes.

48. going on ski trips.

49. falling in love with a new band.

50. eyeliner.

51. seeing family.

52. getting a new hair cut and actually liking it.

53. going to the cinema.

54. planning a trip.

55. chocolate.

56. Amsterdam

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57. Irish accents.

58. my leather jacket.

59. dresses.

60. Orchard Thieves.

61. Arthurs Seat (Edinburgh, Scotland).

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62. a hot bath.

63. John Green.

64. skinny jeans.

65. peanut butter EVERYTHING.

66. rollercoasters.

67. the Zoo.

68. OR2K (Pokhara, Nepal).

69. Pad Thai from Camden Market.


70. clothes lines.

71. Birkenstocks.

72. my tattoo.

73. Katie’s Cakery sugar cookies.

74. burning a new candle.

75. making lists.

76. breakfast for dinner.

77. porch swings.

78. finding money I forgot about.

79. cookbooks.

80. old home videos.

81. exploring old castles.


82. silent laughter.

83. fortune cookies.

84. Grandmas old year books.

85. roundabouts.

86. being spontaneous

87. bonfires.

88. salt on watermelon.

89. seaside towns.


90. the summer heat.

91. Moms French toast.

92. Barnes & Noble.

93. hair scrunchies.

94. makeup.

95. London.

96. Wicked on Broadway.

97. face masks.


98. being surprised.

99. homemade ice cream.

100. camping.

101. this blog.


Glad to be back. I’ve missed this.

Love, Kaite.